7 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas (in terms of Food, Games & Decorations)

So how are you planning to make your New Year eve special this year? Are you going to celebrate it your friends or with some of the closest family members. Depending on the crowd, you want to stay with, in a similar manner you have to choose the food, games and decorations.

To gear up your respective parties you simply need to hit it hard with different style and themes that will illuminate the mood. You want to keep your parties and celebration in your mind throughout the year so that once you look at the snaps you gets a smiles across the face instantly. And to make your New Year memorable choice of the party themes and the element in it is the most important thing to consider.

At New Year's Eve

So here are some crazy ideas to make your parties big –

Having a mask party

Host a New Year party at home with a stack of noisemakers, novelty hats, glasses, tiaras and essentially a mask. Yes, why see the face of the people whom you are dancing just before the gong blows?  So deck up your table with NYE cut out of the top hats, silver fringe skirt and varieties of masks and does not miss to have confetti.

Making a potluck

Just after Thanksgiving, every family just assembles to plan the family dinners and parties on the New Year. There is no need to prepare loads of dishes on the eve of New Year, since we all have the right to celebrate it. It is better to ask your guests who are going to attend the party at your home to bring a dish they would like to share. You will get to have more variety of foods and fewer cleanups as well.

Decorating your home

Apart from decorating your home with different accessories, what you need to do is make it more specific New Year décor. The pre-existing decorations need to pull double duty. You can leave all those lights, sparkle accents, and rearrange the Christmas balls that you have put on and ornaments that you have put in the clear vases and bowls. You can bring in any décor that shines, in case if it is silver, black and gold.

Watching the television for fireworks

As you are not out there near the coastline or at the Times Square to see the crystal ball drop, or enjoy the fireworks, you are surely going to miss the view. However, you will not if you keep the television switched on at the right moment. While a typical party faux pas, you simply cannot miss the loud and clear sound of the fireworks or the pyrotechnic actions.

Hiring a photographer

Ask one of your guests to become the official photographer and take the after and before photographs or do it yourself. As soon as the guest start arriving inviting them to pose with one person seated and other standing just like the old time photo without any smiles on your face. You can give off old-fashioned hats and shawl or scarf to wear. Later you can take after midnight photos of the guests in their party outfits and show off their noisemakers.

Write down all your New Year predictions

Allow your guests to sign their predictions and place them in the bowl or a box just beside the door through which your guests makes an entry. Then just at supper, you can take runs in reading those predictions while everyone guesses who might have written them.  It is surprising and a great way to wrap up the night!

For midnight toasting, have Champagne Sangria

This is one of the easy and delicious ways to cut down on your champagne cost on the New Year’s Eve. In order to make champagne sangria you just need 32-ounce bottle of apple juice, 12 ounce of frozen cranberry juice and once cup of orange juice and half liters of champagnes to prepare this version of toast for that midnight celebration.

Are you all ready to jump in to action? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.