7 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids

For the married couple with kids it is not possible to freak out by the midnight on the New Year’s Eve. They cannot join in a party or simply they cannot stay along with their friends ignoring their kids. Since kids are part of your life, so you have to give your best to make New Year special with them before they grow up.

Yes, the kids are also planning for a few months to spend some special time with you. And nothing could better than New Year to make them convince that the parents are with them.

New Year's Eve with kids

Kid’s psychology varies so do the nature of the kids. So you have to prepare the plans after understand the psychology. If you have naughty kids have something to make them stay at one place will be fruitful and will allow him or her to enjoy along with you. As for calm kids having some activities in your party plans could make them rejoice.

Dressing up

Allow them to dress up just like their favorite movie actor or the career they want to choose. Do not allow them to wear those old Halloween suits. Fancy dresses along with the vintage ones both could be in fashion and you too can join in and make them look at par

Special drinks for them

You would not be serving alcohol for your kids. However, the kids have interest in the drinks that you and your guest are having around. So why not prepare them some sweet mocktails that you prepare just standing at the base from where you are serving the spirits to your friends and family. This will make them convince that you are giving the same drink. Make sure that the drinks are more or less of the same color to appear convincing.

Engage them in games

You can stop your kids from running around and to do so you can indulge them in some board games that will help you to hang out with your friends as well they would not feel neglected. You can also try out the games along with them to give them more importance.

Play a loud music and let them dance

Yes, New Year means party and to do so playing loud music and tapping your feet to the music is perfect to stir some action. Let your kid be on the dance floor and shake legs with you or other kids who are in your home. Record those dance moves and play them post-supper and see their reactions.

Build them a fort

What do you think about building as fort with the use of blanket and have a false cotton snowman just beside it to make them feel special? Since the winter days are here the false snowman will be a like a sweet thing to cuddle and keep your kids happy. They can play with their mates and give you enough time to chat with your friends.

Set a photo booth for them

Give your kid a small snap camera and let them turn into a photographer for the day. Ask all guests to go to the booth where your kids may be standing and take a snap in exchange of some sweets. This is something interesting and a great activity that is surely going to keep your kids busy throughout the party.

Bring firecrackers for them

If you are not going to attend or see the firecracker blowing along the coast line or witness the Times Square or  watch the pyrotechnic shows then you can simply bring some firecrackers for your kids and make your own celebration. Yes, kid’s loves crackers and seeing them glow is surely going to make them happy.

Which idea do you think you will give a try this New Year? You are surely going to pick one. However, you can also have all of them employed together in case if there are many kids in your party.


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