Alibaba Ready To Introduce Internet-Connected Driverless Vehicle Technology

Alibaba- the Chinese tech giant is all set to introduce internet-connected cars that will be based upon driverless vehicle technology. The official announcement in media was made by Chief Technology Officer Wang Jian on Wednesday.

Internet-Connected Driverless Vehicle Technology

The company joined hands with SAIC Motor Corp- the country’s largest automaker for developing a car that was inculcated with YunOS Operating System. The system allows a direct linkage with the Smartphones. The car will be available for sale in the markets later this year.

Wang openly declared that, “You’ll quickly see driverless car technology resulting from this platform.” Though the systems similar to YunOS that allow the coupling of Smartphone have already been offered in the market by companies like Baidu, Apple and Alphabet’s Google, but a car which is totally autonomous is something that the experts thought will not be possible before 2020.

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