All Mothers Carry Pain in Their Energy Field

Our mother’s pain, impacts our life in known and unknown ways. And unless we acknowledge this pain and its full impact upon our lives, we remain spiritually immature children.

Embracing the Divine Feminine requires the courage to separate out our mother’s thought patterns/ beliefs/ emotions from those of ours. It also requires acknowledging the grief and the pain that our mothers endured, and feeling our own resultant grief and pain fully. Pain can be transformed only through feeling.

As we heal the Mother Wound, we no longer stay small to ease other’s pain; nor expect other women to play small. We also stop pretending and hiding our pain behind false masks, under a façade of holding it all together.

Mothers Carry Pain

When pain is seen as it is, it can be embraced, processed and integrated – and ultimately transformed into wisdom and power.

My work involves providing safe, supportive, unconditional space to people (especially women), where they can express the truth of their pain. And from that healed space, they can communicate with their near and dear ones, without fearing that the truth of their feelings may break their relationships.

When pain is hidden (goes underground), it manifests as manipulation, control, competition, and self-hatred.

When pain is acknowledged and grieved fully, it turns into fiercely supportive love / self-acceptance. It frees us to be boldly authentic, creative, and fulfilled.