Already with a New Man? 10 Things about Your Ex to Forget Forever

No matter how much you loved, cared or admired your ex boyfriend, the relationship has come to an end. And if you have moved on to another guy, you must restrain from drawing pictures of the past. Don’t take your new relationship for guaranteed, even if your man shows interest in learning about your past flames. There is no harm in being a little dishonest, provided that you are having a good time in the new company. Be restrictive in your conversation about your ex and practice not to blab the following 10 things.

His Favorite Color Was….

You might have spent efforts to gift your ex shirts and ties in his favorite color, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Don’t talk about his favorite color in front of your new man as it can send the wrong signal that you still care for your ex’s interests and preferences. Instead, learn what the likes of your current man are.

Things about Your Ex to Forget Forever

I Have Been Here with Him

It could be a restaurant, a lover’s spot or any other place in the world. Don’t boast about the moments you spent at that place with your ex. Make your man realize that he is the first one to take you there. Keep those memories of the past aside, as it is the time to preserve the new ones.

He Loved My Hairstyle

The flattering remarks that your ex used to make should become worthless for you by now. Telling your current man how you were admired in the past may put his mood off. Let him admire your beauty from a new perspective. A good idea to get over the past would be to change your hairstyle, dressing style or things that remind you of the bygone phase.

He Would Attract One and All

Expecting your new man to listen to your ex’s praise is a big mistake. Avoid making remarks about the charm and personality of your ex. If you have made a good choice in your new boyfriend, you will fall in love with his charisma in no time. Remember that your compliments are meant for the man you are seeing currently.

I Have Been Here with Him

He Was Commanding at Workplace

Count it as an important trait of male personality. A man would never like to listen how superior or authoritative other man is. Talking about your ex’s authoritative power can induce inferiority complex in your present day boyfriend.

We Danced on This Tune

There is absolutely no need to tell tales about how you had fun dancing with your ex on a music piece. It is obviously undesirable for a man to imagine his girlfriend enjoying with other men. Forget the past dancing steps and devise the new ones with your boyfriend whenever that special tune is played.

He Got Well Along with My Friends

Your ex boyfriend might have been extremely popular among your friends. However, it is the last thing you should reveal to the man you date at present. Introduce him to your friends and allow him to make the impression. It is suggested to instruct your friends to not talk about your ex flame in front of your current boyfriend.

He Wouldn’t Mind Spending

Don’t make big claims about your ex flame’s spending power in front of your present boyfriend. It may make him think that you are not monetarily satisfied with him. Instead, make him feel that his efforts to keep you happy are admirable and that you value his love and emotions more than money.

He Wouldn’t Mind Spending

He Was a Great Player in Bed

It may prove to be a big blow to your relationship. If you talk about the sexual efficacy of your ex boyfriend, your current man will consider it as an indication of his incompetence, even if you never meant so. Your man will never forget it and it may cross his mind every time he will be in bed with you.

Presently, He Is…

Finally, don’t talk about the present day whereabouts of your ex boyfriend, even if you know about it. Your current boyfriend must believe that you are keeping no contact with your past flames. It may make him insecure about the chances of you going back to your ex.

Don’t blame the human nature if any of these phrases spoil the relationship your treasure the most. Remember that the past, no matter how beautiful it was, should not overpower your present.


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