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An Insight Into ‘Blood’ Relationships

In a family, the parents, the siblings, and the children always remain dear to us despite whatever we may think/ feel for each other (however angry we may be with each other.)

No one can change ‘blood’ relationships – whether anyone likes them or not.

However, it is important to not give permission to anyone, however dear, to treat us – any part of us – shabbily. No one has that right, not even we ourselves.

'Blood' Relationships

Relationships are valuable only when we value others (and ourselves). Otherwise, they are just another cross to bear.

Over the years, I have freed all my family members (including myself) from bearing that cross.

I wish everyone all the very best and will always do so. My love for them is their birth-right. And my support is what I choose to give, without seeking anything in return.

I am clear that I do deserve certain respect from my dear ones – just as they do from me. But if someone doesn’t have that, they just don’t have it. I can’t force it out of anyone; and I understand that.

Perhaps, someday we shall understand each-other. Or may be not! That’s alright, as long as I understand myself. And I do.

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