And what is this about ‘triggers’?

It is a known fact that all humans feel ‘not good enough’ in one or the other arena – because you can’t master it all.

But when that ‘not good enough’ energy rules your life, it is time to trace its root.

As a Healing Coach, I have often traced this root to the Mother- Father Wound of Rejection/ Abandonment. Deeper the wound, more the sensitivity.

Hence, any finger that inadvertently comes close to this wound – and presses it – it hurts/ pains.

Now we can either attack / blame that person; or take a relook at the wound. Or do both. Most of us do both. Some of us also create a boundary around it, with a clear sign of ‘No Trespassing. It is the wounded area.’


And pray, if I won’t protect my wound, who will? If I won’t offer tender loving care to my wound, who will? Why should I allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to come and press this wound – especially when I have exposed it and not hidden it under a band-aid?

Some even want you to feel ashamed/ guilty of having those wounds (that’s why we hide them from others in the first place – and keep pretending under our ‘happy’ masks). But why should anyone feel that about their wounds? Isn’t that counterproductive?

In this ‘wounded’ world, when one wound is exposed, it forces others to look at their wounds; and therein lies The Trigger of the gun that fires – to kill/ maim/ wound.

Beware of these guns by staying aware.