And what’s this fixation with not labeling?

I label most things. Every container in my kitchen has a label – especially if it is not transparent. Labeling makes it easy for me to look for what I am looking for. It saves my precious time.

Every name that is given to an individual acts as a label. We also give such labels to our pets. Everyone responds to that label.

Similarly, we label rooms, we label things, we label fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, flowers, leaves etc. etc. The entire education of every kind is about labeling, so that we reach a common ground and know what we are talking about – and others understand what we are talking about.


Every word in every language can be used as a ‘label’ in one or the other pretext; and yet, one gets to hear, “Don’t label.” or worse, “Why bother, it is just a label?” And pray, isn’t ‘bother’ a label too? What isn’t?

While I understand that unlike things, living beings are an ever changing entity and I like to see someone as they are in the now. But what I see, I label. This is how human brain functions. It puts every experience into a certain category.

I allow myself to label as I please. I allow myself to feel what I am feeling. I allow myself to say, what I wish to say.

If I won’t allow myself to be who I am, who will?