And why is God masculine?

And why is God masculine?

That’s because the masculine essence – Yang – is Light. It gives. It provides. It protects. It is positive. It is active. It is upward (upar wallah). It is outward (out there). It is hard (it can punish). It is upfront. It is absolute. It is unmanifest. It is nothing.

Why is the devotee/ seeker feminine?

That’s because the feminine essence – Yin – is negative ( and that is unacceptable. It is supposedly inferior.) It is passive (it simply receives.) It is inwards (needs to look within). It is downward (neeche waale). It is soft (needs support). It is cold (needs the warmth). It is dark (needs the light). It is at the back (needs protection.) It is relative (contains duality/ polarity). It is manifest. It is everything.

divinity and humanity

Masculine and Feminine is not about male/ female gender. Both genders carry both essences.

The Devotee and God are like Nar-Narayan. Both need each other. Both complement each other. Mein Tujh Mein Hun Tu Mujhme Hai.

A Master maintains a balance of Yin and Yang – divinity and humanity.