Being in Control

The feeling of ‘being in control’ entices most people. And it is this feeling which holds on to the status quo. It can not even dream of letting go of the controls.

But unless we let go of the controls, we cannot taste freedom; for what we control, controls us.

The other way is to live in the NOW – experiencing our experiences; whether good, bad or ugly – and allowing them to transform us.

Being in Control

When we stay grounded in our experiences, we find that reality is always a mixed bag. There is good and bad, dark and light, pain and joy, life and death. It is not either this or that. It is both this and that.

When we are open to our own experiences, we develop the capability of listening – listening to our body, to our heart, to our senses (jnanendriyas), to our intuition, and to others.

That’s the way to real independence!