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Down with the Mind

The other culprit in the spiritual circles is The Mind. “Down with the mind” goes the chant.

Some are more fanatic so they malign the entire mind, without even understanding it (Well, you need mind to understand mind, so if you have already declared it as the enemy, it won’t support you. Will it?)

Some are more discerning so they denounce the Monkey Mind – which jumps from one thought to the other. This is who we encounter when we close our eyes and try to observe our breath. (By the way, The Breath – The Pranamaya Kosh, lies between the physical body – The Annamaya Kosh and the mental body – The Manomaya Kosh. It connects the two.)

Down with the Mind

But no one asks, “How is the monkey mind created? We surely are not born with it.”

The Monkey Mind gets created when we suppress our natural expressions – both mental and emotional. More the suppression/ denial, bigger the monkey mind – and more the effort to tame it (or better still, bypass it)- and more the loss of precious prana / life-love energy.

The more we express our authentic thoughts and feelings without getting mired into the right or the wrong of it, the freer we become. The monkey mind gives way to sharp intellect as we access the Vigyan Mayakosh.

The human being is a Body-Mind-Mechanism. Light condenses itself as life – moving from the intellect to mind to physical body. Why deride this beautiful process of creation? Why deny our own subtle aspects – and become more gross in the process – even under our spiritual mask?

Spirit itself is mind. When we trash the mind, we trash the spirit.

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