Ego Personality

Over the years, I have written so much about ‘Ego-Personality’, that I have become the Devil’s Advocate of sorts. 😉

Our ego-personality is nothing but the persona that we carry. And it is ironical that on the one hand, the whole world is focussed upon grooming our personality, on the other hand, we bash our ego (which means nothing but ‘my’ personality). You see the trap! How can we groom something when we trash it?

The powers that be, want us to remain in this paradoxical trap. It suits them. It keeps the rest of us in mindless slavery.

On the one hand, our homes, our educational institutions, our workplaces worship a good personality; on the other hand, we wish to get rid of it.

Ego-Personality is nothing but our Individuality – without which we are just another face in the crowd.

It is the ‘unique face’ that we present to this world; and it goes with our given name.

The problem is not with the personality or the individuality; it is with the FALSE personality and the exaggerated individuality which wants to win at any cost – even at the cost of others’ individuality.

As long as we are not clear if our ego-personality is our friend or foe – we will remain confused and inauthentic.

I am very clear that whatever is present in me is a part of The Presence; including my ego-personality. I accept it. I love it. I honour it. I celebrate it.

And the other problem is that whatever was told to an evolved person by an evolved master, we take that as a gospel template for all – at whatever stage of their evolution.

A child starts “creating” its ego-personality right from the womb stage. (This is the stage of Brahma. Aham Brahmasmi) And it does so by absorbing all the signals from its environment. This is the ‘Operating Software’ which helps the neonate navigate its life once it is out of the womb.

After birth, everything around it helps in developing/ polishing/ protecting that ego-personality (This is the stage of Vishnu – the protector.) All the avatars of Vishnu have taught us how to live life as an individual – following and upholding Dharma.

And once the individuality is developed to its maximum potential, the Third Eye opens. Man becomes a Seer. (This is the stage of Shiva.) Now the Operating Ego becomes The Aware Ego.

In this Aware state it understands that everything is simply an aspect of The Presence. The ego-personality too is a part of ALL THAT IS. It is needed to operate in this world.

Ego Personality

After you become Aware, your ego-personality becomes “SUBLIME’. But this doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does it happen by intellectual quoting of great men’s sayings. They knew what they were saying. We often know not.

The Sublime stage or the Sub-Liminal stage is the Walking on The Edge that is often talked about. Here, the polarity is integrated and Oneness happens. (That is Shivaratri – Shiva’s marriage – Ardhnarishwar energy)

The Aware Ego integrates with The Presence; and the personality becomes MAGNETIC, CHARISMATIC, LIGHT.

Now, figure out which stage you are in!

Once Nivedita asked Swami Vivekananda: “I believe in surrender but I do not believe in the annihilation of my individuality”. SV replied: ” Sooner or later you will realize – tumhare vaktitva ke vinash mein hi tumhara gaurav hai”. (Sister Nivedita’s individuality had reached its maximum potential. For her it was important to take the next step, which her teacher rightly guided her towards.)