Fantastic Children Bathroom Accessories to Make Kids All Excited

After the trouble you went through potty training your child, we are sure that you do not want to force him or her to take a bath. If instead, you could make the bathroom area a fun place, maybe the idea of spending more time there would persuade your baby to wash his or her body.So it is decided then! You need to pick out a couple of fun children bathroom accessories.

Basic Accessories A Child’ Bathroom Must Have

children bathroom accessories

  • Colorful Stool: This is more of a utility item than décor. If you double up your kid’s bathroom as the guest one, this will help your toddler access higher areas for storage purposes and also acts as bath seats.
  • Cute Rugs: Rugs places outside the bathroom look fashionable and you can ask the little one to pick his or her favorite character or design. Moreover, teaching them to dry their feet on the rug is a good habit to not leave wet footprints all over the house.
  • Children Bathroom Accessories Sets: These are available in a variety of materials and fun designs to please your child. This is a way to make them wash their hands and body with soap without you having to tell them.
  • A Decorative Mirror: Make them wash their face more often by hanging a beautiful mirror on the wall. Remember to keep it a bit lower than the one in your bathroom, so that your kid can look into the mirror easily.
  • Shower Curtains: The world map or a giant poster of their favorite cartoon, showers curtains can revoke your kid’s imagery and teach him or her importance of privacy while bathing.

Some More Cool Accessories That You Can Add

Children Bathroom Ideas

  • Decorative Wall Hanger: You can buy a wall hanger from the store or DIY one at home. A couple of hooks on the wall make hanging towels and clothing a lot easier and prevent them from getting dirty on the floor.
  • Convenient Toy Storage: No matter which room it is, if there is a kid in the house, there will be toys everywhere. Having a plastic or any waterproof box near the tub will be an easy method to store these toys. Moreover, there will be no injuries from tripping over the toys in the bathroom.
  • A Cute Dustbin: This item will be a lesson on the importance of cleanliness. Teach your child on how to properly dispose of used paper waste in the bin without making a mess of the toilet.
  • Inspirational Wall Hangings: Framed quotes on morals in the toilet will be a good wake up call for them. You could put small pictures saying “Don’t forget to wash your hands!”

Children bathroom accessories are generally used for beautification. However, you can use them to teach your child a lesson or two on the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. You can try DIY accessories for Kid’s bathrooms or hire an expert interior designer in Bangalore do it for you to entice your kid to enjoy bath time.Making bath time a fun and enriching experience will make you savor the beautiful memories you make during this time.