Fears that make us wear our masks

As I observe my energies, I do not feel judgmental about most things – even the most outlandish ones – however, what still raises my heckles is inauthenticity – and poor attempts at covering it up. This is where I lack acceptance. And I understand that the universe is playing some bigger game through me. (As it is doing through each one of us) So, I choose to accept my own feelings first – including my non-acceptance.

However, I also understand that it is our fears that make us wear our masks. And facing our fears is paramount to being fearless.

Putting our fears on the table is the most courageous step we could ever take. Ever since I began exposing my fears on the Facebook for all to see, my fears automatically disappeared.

Fears that make us wear our masks

I have learnt that fears are here to protect our inner child. When the child grows up, the fears disappear on their own.

There is nothing more to do. Just acknowledge your fears. And trust that they are there FOR you.

Now my fears are more in the present – according to the situation. Situational fears. And I know that these fears help me in staying alert and aware.