Feel Your Feelings Fully

Those of you who have worked with me know that my favorite line is, “FEEL your feelings FULLY.” This is the main thing that I do, and also ask my clients to do. But, those who want me to guide them through Facebook messenger, find this message very strange – and perhaps dismissive. (That’s why I say that you can’t learn everything through freebies – though you can try.)

The following exercise is for those who take the trouble of writing messages to me – and to whom I answer in one sentence (I receive so many messages – of all kinds – people sending their articles, books, links etc for my perusal and expert comments besides other questions. Please do understand that none of that is my priority.)

So, here goes:-

Close your eyes, and FEEL your predominant feeling. Notice how it shows up in your body. Pay attention to the bodily sensations. If the mind begins to spin stories, get back to the bodily sensations.

Feel Your Feelings Fully

When you can identify the ‘feeling in the body, name/ acknowledge/ accept/ welcome it. Don’t analyse it. Just stay with the feeling.

The feeling will peak and then begin to dissipate. The release will happen with a deep out-breath/ sigh/ yawn/ burp. Notice all that.

Do it whenever any strong feeling arises. I do it even when a subtle feeling arises.

I feel all my feelings fully. I welcome them all.

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