Feminine Essence – the state of being

It is said that biologically, every human child begins its life in the womb as a female. I would call it the Feminine Essence – the state of being. That’s why perhaps a human is known as a human being!

However, this being’s purpose involves some ‘doing’. And just as a seedling pushes through the dark recesses of Mother Earth and moves towards Light – defying gravity all the way up, so does a Human Being. The Journey makes it move ‘upwards’ towards Light/ Freedom/ Power. This is the journey of enlightenment and empowerment, which frees you to fly.

Feminine Essence

And interestingly Light, Freedom, and Power are attributes of the Masculine Essence.

So, the human journey is from Being to Doing and from Feminine to Masculine – while balancing the both – and remembering all the time that doing originates in the being; the masculine originates in the feminine; and the God originates in the devotee/ seeker. And this happens, irrespective of the gender!

Unless The Balance happens, the feminine essence will continue to seek the masculine.

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