Giving Up Is A Choice But Is It Worth It?

Straying from a relationship is not an uncommon happening. In fact, it is very rampant.

Many a times, we tend to take these transgressions personally. We begin to believe that something is wrong with us. We are not good enough, so we are being rejected. And if i am being rejected, I too must reject – not only that person but also everything that is connected with that person. Most of us make this mistake.

Giving Up Is A Choice But Is It Worth It

We also begin to feel ashamed of the other person’s actions – as though we have done something wrong.

I believe in feeling our pain. And speaking about it. Sharing it openly may help many women / and men who are suffering in silence – facing depression, contemplating suicide, leaving their home, hearth and kids. Just because the person who matters the most to you, has strayed from the path.

Yes, betrayal hurts. It hurts deep. But it also strengthens us. It makes us courageous and bold and assertive. Aggressive too – but that too is needed at times.

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