‘GOD’ (Grand Overall Design)

I am not religious or ritualistic in the common understanding of the word – and yet, I love the word ‘GOD’ (Grand Overall Design).

As an integral part of GOD, I am always in its presence. I AM Presence – just as everyone else is. But in order to FEEL the presence, we need to be present in awareness.

‘GOD’ (Grand Overall Design)

The more aware I AM, the more I realize how GOD is maintaining my existence (and all of existence) with every breath that I take. With each breath, the GOD infuses life in me. It chooses me, for it considers me worthy of it.

GOD showers its grace upon me through every breath.

GOD is a verb; not a noun for me! It is forever ‘becoming’ through its ‘being’ – forever in flux and yet so unshakeable; like my faith – and my breath!

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