How Might You Go About “Creating” A Good Father?

“When one has not had a good father, one must create one,” said philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. What does that mean? How might you go about “creating” a good father?

Well, you could develop a relationship with an admirable older man who is an inspiring role model.

You could read books by men whose work stirs you to actualize your own potentials.

If you have a vigorous inner life, you could build a fantasy dad in your imagination.

Here’s another possibility: Cultivate in yourself the qualities you think a good father should have.

Creating Good Father

Your ideas?

Even if you actually had a pretty decent father, I’m sure he wasn’t perfect. So it still might be interesting to try out some of these ideas.”

The above wisdom from Rob Brezsny is worth considering by anyone, who carries a Father Wound.

My father was an inspiring role model. I am so much like him.

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