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How Most of us are Afraid of Embracing our Power?

As a woman, I understand how most of us are afraid of embracing our power, because we fear losing the love of all the important people in our life.

We have been brainwashed into thinking that you can either be empowered or loved. And we invariably choose love.

We value our relationships so much that no empowerment seems worth it, if it would injure our relationships.

We keep clinging to our relationships – even if they are dying – and even if our souls are longing for realizing our dormant potential.

Embracing our Power

Alas, our relationships alone no longer fulfill us. They alone cannot satisfy our inner hunger to live our lives FULLY.

But somehow, a woman’s power threatens to shake the status quo; and we ourselves fear this shaking the most. Hence, we choose to stay small and unfulfilled – until we can do it no more.

Once you understand that your personal growth is as important – if not more – than your relationships (and also if people truly care about you, they will support you in expressing your highest potential) things fall in place.

When I became certain that my own authentic expression was supremely important to me, I was ready to give up any relationship for it – however precious.

But once I decided ki Jo Ho So Ho, life gifted me with most fulfilling and freedom oriented relationships – both inside my home, and outside my home.

They talk about risk-taking, I promote risk-taking. If they are yours, they will stay with you. If not, they were never yours to begin with. 😉

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