How to Download Movies to PSP and from Where?

Excited to have a new PSP? Apart from playing your favorite games, you may also turn it into a complete entertainment hub by downloading movies and videos on it. If you do not know how to download movies to PSP, here is some great information to help you get started right now.

How to Begin?

How to Begin

The best option to start is a quick online search. It would provide you with thousands of sites, which you can use for downloading a variety of videos to your PSP. Along with unlimited movies, you can also download games as well as the most popular TV shows, music and many more files.

Free Movies Sites

Free Movies Sites

If you are interested in downloading from a free PSP movie site, make sure that the site is legal and safe prior to downloading. You obviously do not wish to have any trouble with copyright laws. In addition, there are issues like viruses and other malicious programs that such sites are usually infected with. If you are not very sure of the trustworthiness of a site, it is better not to use it. Take recommendations from your friends or experienced PSP users.

Paid Movies Sites  

To avoid such problems, you can directly go for a paid site. Now, there are two kinds of pay sites. Some sites charge you with a small amount of fee and you gain a lifetime membership. Then, you need not pay anything further and you would enjoy access to all music and movie downloads available on that site. It is beneficial to opt for such sites if you plan to download plenty of such stuff.

Paid Movies Sites

But, if you are selective and won’t be downloading much, then go for those sites which charge a negligible amount per download. In that way, you would save a lot of money. Again, take recommendations from other PSP users to locate the best-paid movies sites.

Why Prefer Paid Sites?

One reason that makes paid sites more popular is that these sites guarantee you with a download free from viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and other malicious stuff. It is obvious that these programs may seriously affect your device and you don’t want that to happen.

Download Movies to PSP from PC

Download Movies to PSP from PC

In addition to downloading movies from the internet, you can also convert your existing DVDs into a format which can be easily read by your PSP. Once you have found a reliable source, then all you have to do is buy a new memory card as the one provided with PSP is too small. Then, without switching your PSP on, connect it to your PC via USB cable. A PSP video converter and a DVD burner are required in case you wish to transfer DVDs to the PSP.

Many sites have direct links to download movies to PSP which save a lot of time and efforts for the beginners. So, what are you waiting for? Start putting your favorite stuff on PSP right now.

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