How We Use Tools of Invoking ‘Guilt’ and ‘Shame’?

It is interesting how we use tools of invoking ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’ to make people fall in line – or feel bad about themselves.

One such tool is judgment-bashing!

It is human design to instinctively judge everything as good or bad – for our growth – so that we either use it or discard it. This is a part of the survival design of everything in Nature. And a much valued quality, without which we would partake of things which are harmful to us. Its subtle form is known as discernment.

Anyone who is alive judges and discerns. Period. It is an instinctive automatic process – which can be made conscious and further honed to our benefit – just as most other human faculties.

Tools of Invoking 'Guilt' and 'Shame'

Judgments are either favorable or unfavorable. When they are in our favour, we feel pleased as punch; but when when they are not in our favour, we feel like punching the one who happens to pass that judgment.

It happens because we take everything personally. If someone is saying it, it must be about me. In other words, Chor Ki Daari Mein Tinka. So, now we pass counter-judgment, making the person ashamed of being “judgmental”. Pray, who isn’t? And why not?

If you just observe your regular conversation, you will realize how many judgments you pass in every sentence; how many labels you put; and how many boxes you are comfortable creating – beginning with your good/bad sleep last night or good/ bad/ lovely/ terrible weather this morning.

So, all you judgment-bashers, please give me a break and ask The Master Designer why S/He factored judgment as a part of Nature’s inherent design – including Human Design?

It is time to embrace our humanness gracefully and gratefully; only then can we be authentic human beings. Otherwise, we will keep pretending to be Holier-Than-Thou.

Shame and Guilt were tools of the past. They worked (and still do in some cases). But some of us are beyond them now. And thankfully so!

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