Is Psychic Energy Real?

People, who can transmit energy or information without using any physical process and the normal senses, are called psychics. And this particular energy, which enables them to do so, is called psychic energy. But, the question is whether psychic energy is an actual phenomenon or not. The majority of people consider it as non-existing, as they themselves have never experienced anything of such sort. Many of them haven’t even heard of it. At the same time, there are people who had a bad experience with imposters pretending to be psychics in order to extract money from innocent people. So, is psychic energy real? Let’s discuss some important research works done in this direction.

Duke University Research

Duke University Research

In 1930, Duke University developed some techniques and methods to test psychic energy. These procedures involved some repetitive attempts by the subject to determine the psychic abilities he or she possesses. Though, these tests were able to determine the percentage of psychic energies, but failed to identify the types of psychic abilities exhibited in daily life.

Does It Come Naturally?

Does It Come Naturally

Psychic energies can be natural god gifts or self-induced, as claimed by different scientists. A number of researchers have linked psychic energies with hypnosis, dreaming, meditation and drug use. Innumerable people have been found who never knew that they possessed such powers. From past 40 years, efforts are being made to verify these unique, but unbelievable observations for a common man.

Is Psychic Energy Real – Testing with Hypnosis

Is Psychic Energy Real - Testing with Hypnosis

After numerous observations and tests, many researchers do believe about the existence of the wonder called psychic energy. Hypnotism has valuably contributed in this direction. Those suspected to possess such energies are taken to a trance state with the help of hypnosis. In many cases, remarkable enhancements in the abilities of the subjects were recorded.

Maimonides Experiments

Maimonides experiments were done in a dream laboratory where the subject was made to sleep to understand the concept of psychic energy revealed through dreams. As soon as the subject entered the state called random eye movement sleep, another participant called the ‘sender’ was signaled to start. The sender concentrated on any picture and then sent the same to the sleeping subject through brain signals. Then, the subject was awakened and asked to describe his or her dreams. The process was repeated innumerable times even during the night.

Maimonides Experiments

Then, many judges were asked to compare the description of the dreams of the subject with the picture sent by the sender. The pictures varied in theme and were selected at random. They compared even the minutest details to find the co-relation between the two. The identity of the real picture was not disclosed to these judges and majority of them were able to pick the correct picture only on the basis of the description by the subject.

Carrying It Further

Carrying It Further

Many other tests are conducted now and then to understand this mysterious energy in depth. The tests which extended the Maimonides experiments further were repeated by blocking all the five senses of the subject. The sender was isolated while sending the picture’s data and pictures were chosen again at random. The results were again remarkable and depended entirely on the verbal description of the subject.

It can be concluded that not all psychics are fake. Though, science is yet to answer that is psychic energy real, its existence can’t be denied.


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