Just One Label

Speaking of ‘labels’, it just occured to me that every adjective is a ‘label’. It is a word that describes an attribute of a noun. And every noun can have many attributes. No one attribute can define a noun fully.

So when we speak about not ‘labeling’ humans, we are effectively asking not to identify someone with one single attribute – especially with any negative attribute. In other words, we are asking not to put a person in ONE box – especially in a negative box.

Speaking of 'labels'

In my work I discover that more often than not it is our ‘victim-mentality’ which identifies itself with one label – and suffers – waiting to be rescued.

In my inner child work in 2011, I discovered that I had deeply identified myself with the label ‘Kali-Masani’; and that made me angry with my mother. But the fact is that until I had looked that deeply, my dark complexion had not bothered me much. And I also remembered many other beautiful adjectives my mother had used for me over the years. But after this work – this negative label became the root cause of all my ‘not good enough’ feelings.

In 2015, the very same label became my strength, in a prophetic way. And I began loving the very same label. That adjective which had brought pain earlier, brought courage now.

So, just by using blanket statements of ‘don’t label people’, we are simply denying us our full glory.

Yes, I do maintain that as ever evolving/ growing/ multi-dimensional beings, just one label doesn’t do us justice; but that one label does speak something about us. And it is time that we acknowledged that. And owned our own selves fully.

If we won’t own, value, and honour ourselves, who will?