Knowing Your Business‬

In my online and offline work, I often stress upon asking these questions (and I ask these of me all the time), “Is it my business? If yes, I must devote my full energy to it. Is it someone else’s business? If yes, I must take my nose out of it. Is it God’s business? If yes, then I must surrender to it.

As I look at my life in the now, my business is very easy to identify –

My space (physical, online, mental, emotional, relational, financial) is my business. And I take full responsibility of it. I take full ownership of it. And I guard it zealously. I devote my full energy to it as it is my primary program.

Knowing Your Business‬

My coaching business is my business. My clients’ growth – as long as they are engaged with me – is my business. I devote my full energy to it – in the scheduled time period.

Then I do engage in some temporary businesses – such as travel, garden, social engagements, hospitality etc. etc. And as long as I am engaged, I give my full attention to it.

I usually don’t poke my nose in others’ business unless they poke theirs in mine – in that case, pushing that nose back becomes my business.

And I have the utmost faith in God’s business – who also happens to be the founding partner and chief consultant of my business.

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