Marrying Your Best Friend: Does the Idea Work?

They met in kindergarten, they were best friends for years, and now they are going to get married! Doesn’t it sound as the world’s most romantic love story? So, they have been inseparable right from the very start and they know each other inside out. But wait! Is it really as it good as it sounds? Is it an excellent idea to get married to someone who knows all your secrets and is well acquainted with all your strengths and weaknesses? Okay! Let’s find out!

Here you will find the list of pros and cons of marrying your best friend and it will be easy for you to make the decision.

Marrying Your Best Friend

Pros of marrying your best friend-

  • So, the other person knows you by heart! This is because he/she has spent countless evenings and weekends while listening to your blabber and is now well aware of all your emotions. The best part is that your eccentricities do not scare him/her.
  • You share a strong bond that has withstood the test of time. You people know how to tackle difficult situations while being on the same side. So in a relationship like this it is easy to embark upon the hard knocks of marital life.
  • You already know a lot about the other’s family and friends. The bitter truth is that it is not always easy to love your in-laws. And the same fact holds good even for the friends of your spouse. But with your best friend turning into your spouse, there remains no room for nasty surprises.
  • They know what makes you feel comfortable. This is good because life has its own ups and downs and you definitely need someone to cheer you up in your tough times. And you are fortunate if your best friend is always around to lend a shoulder whenever you need.
  • Your best friend turned into your spouse can be trusted blindly. So no room for any sort of betrayal.

Marrying Your Best Friend is good Idea or Bad

Cons of marrying your best friend-

  • Of course with everything good the bad also comes along. So even if you have been besties throughout the school or college, you might finally realize that you differ in interests, opinions and aims.
  • Best friends, not necessarily be lovers. There is a difference in the kind of emotion you experience with a friend and the one you experience with a lover. You have to be clear about your emotions in order to avoid any sort of blocking element that might ruin your relationship completely.
  • Being too close and that too for such a long time might not result in the spark that is needed for a man and woman to stay together happily for the rest of their lives. When you know almost everything about each other, nothing is left to explore when you enter a new relationship.

So think wisely and then decide whether you really want to marry your best friend.