MOTHER-IN-LAW Is Not A Person, It Is An Energy

I got up from my afternoon nap with a strange message – (I seem to access a lot of deep wisdom in my sleep, and it crystallizes the moment I wake up.)

So, this crystal clear message was:-

“Mother-in-law is not a person, it is an energy. After the death of a “mother” this energy is transferred to the one who takes over her “charge” (charged energy) – whether it is the beti (daughter) or the bahu (daughter-in-law) of the family. This transferred mother energy nurtures other young ones (son or daughter), who have lost the mother and want to receive the “nurturing energy”. Thus get created some un-natural energy entanglements of “hidden loyalty” (mostly hidden from all the participants of the drama). But it plays out all the same; because this energy is the energy that doesn’t let the recipient “grow up” into a sovereign being. S/he always remains beholden / indebted to this energy. There is ‘martyrhood’ in this energy – with a false sense of honour. No wonder it makes a lot of people cry. Martyrdom demands mourning. Grief is a major aspect of this energy. It reeks of grief and sadness – of unmet expectations. The sooner such energy cords are severed, the better it is for all concerned.”


OMG, it is already making me see a lot of things in a new light – whether in my mother’s life, my sister’s life, or my life.

I have a feeling that this deep understanding will take me yet deeper into my being.

Thank you, Universe. Thank you “Mother”.