Planning to Buy Dog Insurance? –Important Things You Might Have Missed Out

Before you buy dog insurance, you must know the benefits related to it. By getting insurance for your beloved pet, you save a lot of bucks which you might otherwise have to spend in case of emergency or health issues. The huge veterinary expenses make it very difficult to maintain proper health for dogs. Even small medications may cost dearly, in case your dog does not have dog insurance. Routine checkups, vaccinations, regular as well as emergency treatments and preventive care may create a hole in your pocket.

Dog Insurance Premium

Dog Insurance Premium

Medical insurance for your dog is quite similar to your own health insurance. The premium of these health policies depends mainly on two main factors – the breed of your dog and the type of insurance you select. If you have more than one dog, then the insurance provider may reduce the premium rate after the first policy.

What Are the Main Factors that you need to consider while buying dog insurance?

There are several factors, which must be considered before choosing a particular plan. These include:

  • Age of your dog
  • Breed of your dog
  • Dog’s pre-existing and present medical conditions

The dog insurance coverage can be immensely affected by the age of your dog. All the good plans initiate health care coverage at the time when the dog’s age is 6-8 weeks. Some plans even begin the coverage earlier than that. Some companies do not cover the dogs older than 8 years unless the dog had been insured with them right from the start. There are innumerable companies, which do not provide insurance in case the dog is already ill or has some terminal illness. Different companies adhere to different set of rules.

What Are the Main Factors that you need to consider while buying dog insurance

The breed of the dog also plays a major role in deciding the plan. Check the breed-specific conditions of each health insurance plan and buy the one which offers the complete coverage from all the diseases related to your dog’s breed.

Buy Dog Insurance Plan Carefully

Some dog insurance policies may also consider the lifestyle of the dog. They even consider whether your dog is just a pet or is also being used as a watchdog. There is a great variety of insurance plans related to dogs. Some of the plans are liberal enough to cover all the routine and annual checkups, vaccinations and medications, spaying, preventive measures and also accidents and illnesses. On the other hand, there are some plans, which only cover injuries or unanticipated sickness.

Buy Dog Insurance Plan Carefully

Don’t hesitate to buy dog insurance, as it should be considered as an investment for good pet health. If you care about your dog’s health as much as you care about your wallet, then dog insurance is the apt solution to take care of both simultaneously. Buying or choosing the right kind of insurance for your dog can be confusing with so many plans available in the market. It is better to go through the brochures of different plans and then compare the rates and features of coverage.

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