Pokémon Go Accessory, Preferably To Be Released In September

Popularity of Pokémon is well known. Since its launch, it has been a centre of attraction and today fans exist all over the world. So, all Pokémon lovers will have to hold on till September to access the amazing wrist accessory that Nintendo promised to release soon after launching of the game.

The all new Pokémon go plus wrist accessory is compatible with iOS and Android Smartphones and alerts the users about the events taking place in the game. The notifications are received by the flashing of LED light or by the vibrator present in the device. The company initially announced the release of this bracelet-like accessory in the month of July, but due to some unavoidable reasons the launching has been re-scheduled to September. This amazing accessory will be priced at $34.99 (approximately Rs 2350).

Pokémon Go Accessory

The delay in the launching has been confirmed at the Twitter accounts of America’s Nintendo and Europe’s Nintendo, but there was no reason specified. Possibility is that the company might have fabricated the device in limited numbers but after acknowledging the huge success of the game, further wants to go for large-scale production before introducing the device in the markets. We can only make assumptions until the real story unfolds.

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