Preparing For All The Listening Circles

On most days, my kitchen time with the household staff is filled with ‘transference’ of ideas – not only about cooking/ eating but about all aspects of life.

The other day, one of them said, “Ma’am, whatever you tell us here, we share with others, and they tell us that we are lucky to be listening to you everyday. Would you please take a class for everyone, before you leave?”

Preparing For All The Listening Circles

Now, what more could I ask for? 😉 😉 😉

Today, we had our first circle, in exactly the same place, where they see people from all over converge – and come out with smiling, shining faces.

Our living room feels blessed – and so do I.

The Universe is preparing me for all the Listening Circles in the next 6-7 months in various parts of India.

Gratitude flows!