Rare Gems are Always Precious

The other day, someone enquired about Past Life Therapy and Family Constellation work to add to her repertoire of work as a psychologist; and I replied saying, “Go to the very best. Dr. Newton Kondaveti.”

She said, “But he is very expensive.” I said, “We have to pay the price for the very best.” And as always, the conversation veered towards, “Why shouldn’t these teachings be more affordable to all?” And even though my answer is, “Because these teachings are not meant for all”, I signed off before getting there.

However, I am aware that this one question plagues many of my colleagues. And while I do not know about their relationship with money or energy exchange for the work that they do, I am very aware of my relationship with “paid” work.

I come from the salaried class background – where you do a job and receive a remuneration. It is a clear transaction. My father did this. My mother did this. I did this. My husband does this.

When I set up my small homeopathic practice, it was difficult for me to ask for money even for the medicines that I doled out – because I practiced from home and my clients were my neighbours. Hence, I stopped the practice altogether; using my art only for my own family. And while I have no issues with that, I know that others lost the services of a good homeopath.

Since then I have tried with various models of working as a freelancer – ‘pay as much as you can’ or ‘my sessions are a gift, whatever you offer me would be your gift’, worked for the longest time, but it also brought confusion from / to both sides.

Rare Gems are Always Precious

I have learnt that whenever I have clearly specified my price (and I am very clear that the work that I do is priceless but my time has a price tag), the work has flowed more smoothly and the results have been far more satisfying – for both.

As an Energy Worker, I understand that the more I give out, the more comes back to me; so I always intend to give more in value than what I receive in money terms.

And abundance is flowing in my life from all directions.

As a principle, I don’t look for cheap stuff. I know what I want and I am willing to pay the best price for it.

And I know that not all great teachers are “expensive”, it is just that they are rare. And rare gems are always precious.