Reduce Fuel Consumption with The Zf Gearbox

What is the Zf gearbox? It is an automatic transmission system with the feature of an eight-speed facility. It was first installed in the BMW series cars and none else. This high technological device is aimed at improving the fuel efficiency and thereby saves almost eleven percent of the fuel when compared to a Zf gearbox which has a six-speed feature.

Technology advances on a regular basis, if not daily. Things keep improving and it becomes more and more efficient, thereby making human life easy with less manual work to be done. The design of this kind of gearbox keeps changing which now enables to reduce the time taken to shift or change gears in two hundred milliseconds which is almost nothing. The power and ease of speed with which the driver can change from a higher gear to a lower gear is phenomenal. There is no more struggling required when shifting gears. There are other car models now which are fitting their cars with this technology as it only enhances the features of their cars and makes it more attractive to prospective customers.



The main purpose of a Zf gearbox is to maximise the efficiency of fuel consumption and not so much on speed. Whatever you do in a car while driving such as changing gears, turn on heating or the air conditioner, and so on it all has a direct impact on the fuel consumption which turns out to be more expensive as a lot of fuel is used up. Considering the way fuel prices are rising having a vehicle with the Zf gearbox is most economical in the long run. There are many advantages associated with this kind of gearbox, such as:

  • Transmission efficiency is increased by decreasing the drag loss.
  • One can expect quick response time due to the integrated transmission control unit.
  • Transmission of this gearbox is compatible with a number of wheel drive concepts.

Advantages in Large Vehicles: 

This gearbox is also very beneficial for trucks. Lorries and trucks are heavy-duty vehicles and usually carry a lot of load. Their mechanics are absolutely different from a car as they need more power to pull the weight.

Important Benefits to Have the Zf Gearbox in Trucks Are:

  • The powerful torque and extra speed of the transmission help the truck to move forward in whatever the situation be thereby making it strong.
  • It allows the trucks to carry larger loads and is light at the same time.
  • This system is intelligent as many come with a GPS facility thereby making it more fuel efficient.

The Zf gearbox seems to have become very popular amongst customers. Especially when one wants to buy a high-end vehicle you would always want the latest technology and features that would make it value for the money spent on it.

If this feature fulfils the requirements, then why would people not go for it? Keeping customer value in mind, carmakers and other vehicle makers are installing this facility and making it more attractive. The impressive specifications are smooth running ability, compact design and high mechanical efficiency, which ensure there is no loss of power. Operating costs are minimised and so are the emissions, which make it environment-friendly at the same time. In the long run, one’s service costs also reduce as the vehicle need not be sent for servicing so very often as compared to vehicles without this technology.

With only advantages and no disadvantages, it would only be a wise and prudent choice to buy vehicles with the latest technology of the Zf gearbox.

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