Reiki Wisdom

Reiki Wisdom :-

1) Reiki is Universal Life/ Love Energy.

2) Reiki flows in an attitude of gratitude and with clear energy-exchange.

3) Reiki does not flow into the beggar mentality, which desires something without offering something in exchange. Reiki cannot make beggars out of people, hence the soul would reject such a receiving.

4) What we ‘intend’ for another person (healing/ pain-free existence/ transition) may not always be ‘right’ for the recipient of Reiki; so the intent has to be set by the recipient, with an appropriate energy-exchange that is agreed upon by both the parties.

5) In case, where an energy-exchange is not appropriate, one can offer the Reiki as a donation to the Universe, invoking/ activating the Law of ten-fold return, in whatever form the universe deems fit.

Reiki Wisdom

6) Reiki masters teach that it is not our responsibility to heal the world. Treat someone only if it feels ‘right’ to you.

7) Reiki initiation is offered in “degrees”, based on a person’s skill, abilities, and potential.

8) Everyone can be attuned to the First degree of Reiki – even newborn babies. These attunements (4 in number) align the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, and minor chakras on the palms. This allows you to offer physical healing to self and others.

9) The Second degree builds on the foundation laid by the four attunements of the First degree. It allows you to offer physical, mental and emotional healing to self and others. You can also treat addictions ( provided the addicted person has asked for it).

10) While the First degree attunements align you, the Second degree attunement empowers you. Only an inner knowing can tell you when you are ready for the Second degree.

11) The Master attunement is given to only a selected number of candidates – who are chosen by deep selection.

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