Seven Best Places in the World to Spend New Year’s Eve!

Carrying a large glass of chilled beer, firecrackers lighting up the night sky and you are stepping into the dance floor to a favorite music played loud – what do you imagine, where you could be now? Of course, you are celebrating the New Year with your friends and family at your favorite hangout.

Every year we celebrate New Year in a different way to keep it in our memories. So by now we all have started to plan something big in this New Year. Hence, its high time we make the choice of place to hit it like never before. Here are the seven most amazing place in the world where you can join in for a grand celebration during the New Year. Read it on –

Spend New Year's Eve!

  1. New York City

You might say that New York is not for everyone but you cannot ignore the fact that it has an atmosphere that can make few other cities rival. Here the people witness an annual gathering of around million in the Times Square area to see the famous musicians and the ball drop, which is a 12 foot wide crystal ball around 12,000 pounds in weight. Along with that, a boat ride in the New York Harbor to see the fireworks on the Liberty Island is the cherry on the cake.

  1. Edinburgh

Around 148,000 people across 70 countries joined the three-day annual event in the New Year every year. The festivals kick off from 30 December and revelers carrying torches from the Parliament Square to Calton Hill just to set the fireworks to ablaze. Just on 31 December many more revelers take the streets to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’, one of the largest and loudest renditions of the world. The celebration continues on 1 January with live music’s, celidhs, and open theatres all around.

  1. Rio De Janeiro

Rio is popular for the Carnivals and if it is New Year, it is just second to New York City. The iconic Copacabana beach hosts the world’s largest New Year party where it accommodates more than 2 million people in their two and half a mile long beach. Along with New Year, a uniquely Brazilian celebration called Revellion is also celebrated where locals dress from head to toe in white and tosses handful of flowers into the ocean as a gift to Goddess of the Seas. The celebration has a magic with colorful fireworks, live music, dance performances and many more.

  1. Sydney

Next in our list is Sydney, which is popular for two reasons one is its location and second is that it puts the largest fireworks across the world. With their iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House, it just perfectly sets the mood on the New Year eve. More than half a million people attends the waterfront show which also includes air and water show featuring aerial performances, light parade, an aboriginal smoking ceremony and more than 50 illuminated boats floats in the harbor.

  1. Hong Kong

For a spectacular view and intense celebration, you must be there at Hong Kong this year. You can watch the countdown fireworks at Victoria Harbor from the roof top bars along the coastline. Even you can see it from more high area by sitting at the Ozone on the 118th floor at the Ritz Carlton.  Check out the beachy vibe over good food and good music and watch a dramatic skyline lighting with fireworks and pyrotechnic dragon that dances across the sky at the end.

  1. London

If you are going to be at London this year then you must not miss the chiming of Big Ben at midnight and climb up the London Eye to see the ten-minute lightshow and fireworks display. Well, do not think the fun ends with fireworks; you can surely join into some after parties, check out the parade in the central London that hosts many costumed dancers and procession of Queen’s horses.

  1. Las Vegas

If you are in the mood to get naughty this year, Las Vegas, the Sin City is the place where you need to be. All with their dirty feet can join 300,000 revelers on the big night when the Las Vegas roads become car-free and changes into a huge street party. The city also hosts great parties, events and shows in various restaurants and bars. Fireworks are also in display from the seven rooftops along the Strip, which is viewable from the hotel top or from the street itself.

So where do you want to go this year to make your New Year special?

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