Sleep is Really Becoming my Treasure Trove

I was in deep sleep, watching an intense dream (remember snippets of it), and suddenly I was wide awake, seeing a 3-D image. I have seen this image before – it is as though I am in a huge room. First the huge place, corridors, room emerges from a distance and then the vision begins to zoom in. However, every time the image has lasted for micro-seconds and has been hazy. Today, the image was crystal clear.

I looked at the magnificent corridor, elegant furniture and then zoomed on to a large paper, which had quite a few mathematical equations written on it. The paper was entirely covered by them. These were printed (or written very neatly) in very neat lines – very clear, very legible. What was strange was that the equations were composed of Devanagari alphabets (as I type this I am told that it was Sanskrit. Isn’t it the same thing?), mathematical signs, numbers, and pictorial depictions. It was strange. They were large sums. Each equation covered almost 3-4 lines.

Treasure Trove

And suddenly I understood the import of the vision, and kind of “woke up” more fully – just to pay conscious attention. But the vision disappeared.

I kept my eyes closed for quite some time, in the hope that it may re-appear, but it didn’t.

I got up and saw the time. It was 5:19.

My eyes felt different. Somehow more wide open. As I walked to the washroom, my gait was different. More confident. Full of power.

I looked into the mirror, and my right hand went up – something reminded me of the He-Man, and his sword. The word Excalibur flashed in my mind – The Sword of Truth and Sovereignty. (As I googled Excalibur – I learnt it was King Arthur’s sword – attributed with magical powers.)

Wow! I don’t need to go to movies anymore; I am creating my own fancy stuff….🙂