Smart Living Room Design Tips for Small Budget from Professional Interior Designers

Living rooms is an important part of your house. Model it in a way that catches everybody’s attention. In a world full of loud designs and overdone interiors, choose and welcome aesthetically beautiful and subtle living room design tips for a change.

Trending Living Room Design Tips That Deserve Your Attention

Let the Light In

Living room let the light come in

With simplicity being the in-thing, there’s absolutely nothing better than keeping the living room airy and breezy, by giving out a bench front feel. What steals the limelight is the multipurpose cabinet, acting as center table and utility furniture. Try on some mix-and-match throws and pillows for the couch and add on a piece of nature just as done in the image above. Begin, with your walls by painting them with neutral and pastel shades, followed by the furniture and shelves.

How to Pep Up Your Space with a Gallery Wall?

Eclectic living room featuring a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great way of adding zing and elegance to your living room. If done right, your otherwise bland and boring wall can get jazzed up to a peppy style. Make a good collection of your selected memories that would look lovely in a frame and share them with the world. Hang them up in a perfect collaboration up above the couch and you’re all set to gather lauds and likes. Think your wall to be a canvas, where you put up anything of your choice and liking.

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How to Turn Your Living Room into a Gorgeous Library?

Library in living room

For those who’ve been living in a small sized house, this particular idea of crafting ceiling shelves is just what you need to indulge in. While you might not be able to have a library of your own, you can always get these amazing ceiling shelves done by an expert interior designers in Bangalore. Cute and compact, the hang down ceiling idea can be utilized to stash up on your books, showpieces, houseplants, etc.

Make a Bold Statement

Bold statement living room

Few design rules do exist. However, there’s no boundary attached to adding colors. If you own light-colored living room walls, opt for pop colored sofa-set. If you are an admirer of bright colors, choose bright pink or red for instance to bring out the vibrancy of your room.

What Type Of Furniture Should You Choose For Your Living Room?

Living room furniture

A great furniture piece can add a statement to your living room. It’s always the furniture that plays the important role in bringing about the aesthetic look of your room.

Choose a quaint retro coffee table to pull off a vintage look, or artistic side tables to instill innovation.

Make use of these fantastic living room design tips to your upcoming living room remodeling project, and soak in an outpour of appreciation from your neighbors.

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