Some Wisdom Which Emerged During Some of my One-On-One Sessions

Some wisdom which emerged during some of my one-on-one sessions:-

1) When mothers remain angry with their spouse, they transfer this anger to their children, who also remain angry with their spouse. Such children, more often than not, share a turbulent relationship with their father.

2) It is the sacred responsibility of a mother to prepare her daughter for her life as a woman. If the mother is not happy with her role as a woman, her daughter will imbibe more of masculine traits. Women learn how to respect a man, not from their father, but from their mother.

3) It is the sacred responsibility of a father to prepare his son for his life as a man. Men learn how to respect women, not from their mother, but from their father.


4) Women take on the Mother Wound, not just from their own maternal lineage (mother, nani, grand nani, great grand nani etc.) but also from the women in their father’s family (aunts, grandma etc.).

5) No child can ever make his/her mother happy; how ever much hard they may try. Happiness is an inside job.

6) Anger helps us be who we really are. It wakes us up.

7) A mother is neither good nor bad. She is just another woman struggling with herself. Finding success and failure in the bargain.

8) Tough love and soft love, both are needed for an individual’s optimum growth.

9) When you take care of all your responsibilities to your own satisfaction, self-love and self-appreciation is a given.

10) As long as you are alive, you will have some responsibilities. Only dead bodies do not have any responsibility.

11) Under patriarchal systems, most boys grow up thinking that they are more important. When this illusion breaks, they break down.