Speaking about power

Power is an expression of our masculine essence. Those who feel less “manly” from inside (whose inner light doesn’t shine bright or who don’t have enough freedom or those who are not comfortable with their feelings of inadequacy) try to exert brute force outside.

Having said that power is an inner knowing of, “I am adequate. I am enough.” Those who have not truly experienced this feeling, wear an outer masculine cover to protect their inner child – who remains afraid and not good enough.

Speaking about power

Power is always an inside job, but it shows outwardly as self-confidence in your walk, in your talk, and in your body language. It automatically elicits respect – and awe – from people around you.

Powerful people are charismatic and magnetic. They have an aura around them which attracts people.

Power is always accompanied by Light and Freedom.

It is what everyone looks for. However, it eludes most.

Do you have it in you?