Speaking of Boundaries

There are the boundaries of my physical body, maintained by my skin, and manned by the friendly bacteria on my skin, who are an integral part of my immune system. They are my personal army. Any transgression on this boundary results in a wound, a gap in the skin, which threatens the integrity of my physical self. Now the reserved forces of white blood cells come rushing to guard this wound. The body creates physical pain, as a marker. Anyone coming too close to that wound triggers pain, so that I ensure proper protection of my wound. Only I know where the pain is. Only I know how to protect my wound. Others may help/ assist me, but I have to guide them to the wound. I have to show it. It is my wound. My responsibility.

Then there are the boundaries of my energy body, maintained by my auric field. Any energy attack caused by another through their negative thoughts about me, makes we beware of being too close to them. My breath guards my energy body. It self-regulates itself to do it.

Speaking of Boundaries

I also have my psychological boundaries. These boundaries guard my emotional wounds. Any transgression of these emotional boundaries makes me react emotionally. That’s an indication that some boundary has been violated. Setting and maintaining these boundaries is the job of my emotions; hence, I honour all my emotions.

My physical home too has its boundary. Just as my city has, and my state has.

And our country has a boundary. It is well demarcated – sometimes disputed – but always guarded by armed soldiers. Any transgression of this boundary threatens the integrity and sovereignty of our nation. Thanks to the constant threat on our borders, a constant vigil is needed. Constant skirmishes ensue. And there is a constant loss of life and limb.

Soldiers, who guard our country’s boundaries, deserve our heart-felt respect. And those who lose their life while doing so, deserve a standing ovation.

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