Stand up. Show up. Be counted.

Of late, my important words are, “Stand up. Show up. Be counted.” I also realize how these words propel us to take action – and I am beginning to develop a new respect for “action”.

Over the years, I have seen a tremendous growth in armchair social activists, armchair sports enthusiasts, armchair political commentators, armchair conscience-keepers, armchair spiritualists and so on. We are becoming an “armchair” generation or worse.

Stand up. Show up. Be counted.

Hence, the call for action – as much to you as to myself!

When Somnath decided to cycle for his brothers-in-arm who didn’t live long enough to retire from active service (like Somnath will), he didn’t expect even me to join him. I was to provide him an ‘armchair’ support – from some comfortable space.

But as we talked more about it, I realized that it is a mammoth undertaking and I would like to ‘stand up. show up. and be counted for him’. When I told him about my decision, he was thrilled.

Later, some other friends – out of the blue – showed solidarity. and now some of you are doing it on his Event page.

All I want to say is, “Thank you, for being. You are doing it, not as much for us, as for you. I am certain that this event will transform us. I am also certain that this event will transform you – if it calls out to you.”

This country of ours needs men and women of action – now more than ever. The era of the “armchair” is over for us. Is it over for you?

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