Super Seven Brands to Consider While Buying Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Washing laundry is one of the most important errands, which consists the major workload of the household. Now, the workload gets reduced considerably with the help of a washing machine. Not only is the labour decreased but you also get cleaner clothes to wear. If you are planning to buy a semi-automatic washing machine this season, then here are the top brands that you can choose from. Market is brimming with a wide range of models, customized to fit a variety of budgets. So, here are you choices, make wise selection and being home this beautiful piece of technology, this festive season.

Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Samsung: This is one name that needs no introduction. Samsung is considered to be one of the best brands when it comes to buying electronic items. Semi automatic washing machines offered by Samsung are known for their efficiency and performance. All the models feature latest technology and boast of features like Rust proof body, Double storm pulsator, silver nano and magic filter. The price of the models varies depending on the capacity and features. An effective semi automatic washing machine from Samsung can be purchased between the price range of Rs 9000 and Rs 15,000.

Models in Demand: WT727QPNDMW and WT657QPNDPGXTL

LG: Next in line is LG, which promises to make life good. As far as daily technology is concerned, LG is the choice of millions across the globe. A wide variety of semi automatic washing machines are offered by LG. most models have been infused with features Like Rat Away Technology, Magic Wheels Wind Jet Dry and Roller Jet. The capacity of semi automatic washing machines by LG starts from 6 kg and goes up to 14 kg. The latest variants with multitude of features can be bought between Rs 10,000 and Rs 35,000.

Models in Demand: P8239RSA and P8540R3FA

Panasonic: It is an electronic brand that is globally acclaimed. As far as semi-automatic washing machines are concerned, Panasonic offers latest technology and host of features. The features seen in Panasonic semi-automatic washing machines are Magic-Filter, Air Dryer, Aqua Crystal Filter and Double Action Pulsator. The capacity of the washing machine models lies between 6.8 kg and 7.2 kg. The price range starts from 9,000 and goes up to Rs 11,000.

Models in Demand: NA-W70H2ARB and NA-W72H2ARB      

Whirlpool: We are keeping Whirlpool at number four. It is undoubtedly one of the top ten washing machine brands in India, and is known worldwide. Its top notch products have added to the distinguished image of the brand. All semi automatic washing machines offered by whirlpool are incorporated with sophisticated technology and synergized with features like In-built scrubber, Stain-Free Technology, Multiple Wash Programs and Auto Re-Start. These machines can be bought within a price range of Rs 9500 to Rs 14500.

Models in Demand: ACE 7.0 TURBODRY and ACE 8.2 STAINFREE

Videocon: At number five we have Videocon, because of its robust and superlative performance in the domestic appliance sector. If you are looking for high quality washing machines, then Videocon is a great choice. Semi automatic washing machines offered by Videocon are loaded with features like Multi Pulsator, Bleach Inlet, Auto Soak, Multiple Wash Programs and Double Magic Filter. The price range of these models lie between Rs 8500 and Rs 15500.

Models in Demand: VS72H11 and VS68M13

Godrej: It is one of the best home appliances brand is India that is trusted for its consistency, robustness and quality. Semi automatic washing machines offered by Videocon have been incorporated with world class technology. Most models fall in the price range of Rs 9,000 to Rs 12,000 and come with plenty of features such as Trio Roto Scrub, Several Wash Programs, Powerful Motor and Active Soak.

Models in Demand: GWS 7002 PPC and GWS 7202 PPI

Electrolux: Last but not the least; we have on number seven, Electrolux- another widely trusted brand because of its high quality products. The company offers a wide array of beautifully designed and highly robust semi automatic washing machines. They vary in capacity, starting from 6kg and going up to 8 kg. The functions offered by these models include Soak Programme, Cyclone Pulsator, Smart Filter and Multiple Wash Programs. These semi automatic washing machines can be bought between the price range of Rs 7500 and Rs 11500.

Models in Demand: ES72USMR and ES65LEMR