Super Seven Brands to Consider While Buying Smart TV

If you are planning to bring home one of the best Smart TV this festive season, then we are here to help you. Before we present to you the list of best brands that can be considered while buying Smart TV, there are a few things we want you to know and understand. Markets are brimming with choices when it comes to buying a Smart TV. These models differ in terms of prices, features and technologies.

So the list we share here has been compiled after taking into consideration all these factors along with the overall value of the device. We have also listed the top two models of each brand to make things easier for you.

smart tv

Sony: The brand that tops our list is Sony. This is because the Smart TVs offered by the company are the snappiest and the smoothest. The new Android TVs have been doing exceptionally well because of the perfect balance of value and options, offered by them. All the models boast the larger tiles that impart more fluidity to the screen. As far as interface is concerned, it is somewhat similar to the interface of Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Top models to consider: Sony KDL-W800B 1080p HD TV and Sony XBR-X900B 4K UHD TV

Samsung: It is one of the most preferred brands in the home appliances sector. The recently launched Smart TVs are doing exceptionally well in the Indian market. They have been loaded with new features and latest technologies. They boast of snappier interfaces and massive app selection. The most sizzling feature is the ‘Tizen Software’, which powers the latest range of Samsung Smart TVs.

Top models to consider: Samsung UNHU8550 4K UHD TV and Samsung UNH7150 1080P HD TV

 LG: With the incorporation of webOS, a new life seems to spawn in the Smart TVs offered by LG. The latest models are more intuitive and faster. The features allow you to navigate several menus and multiple screens while giving you the power to organize input options, apps and more. What’s grabbing the customer’s attention is the all new Magic Motion remote.

Top models to consider: LG UB9800 4K UHD TV and LG EC9300 OLED HDTV

Philips: Next on our list is Philips, which is a renowned name in the sector of home entertainment. The company has recently launched a whole new series of highly performing and robust Smart TVs. The dynamic ration in these models has been set to 8000000:1 and these TVs boast of having a high PMR (Perfect Motion Rate), which augments the motion sharpness of the devices.

Top models to consider: Philips 46PFL8577 LED 3D DDB and Philips 50PFL5059/V7

Toshiba: Another great brand to opt for when buying Smart TVs is Toshiba. All the models feature interesting and beautiful designs that are sure to augment the beauty of your interiors. The Smart TVs that come from the house of Toshiba offer incredible picture performance and come loaded with a variety of features.

Top models to consider: Toshiba 55U76 and Toshiba 40S36

Panasonic: If you want the Smart TVs that are not only beautiful but robust as well then there is nothing better than opting for the Panasonic’s SMART VIERA range. All the models feature Viera Connect that allows the viewers to access a wide variety of popular apps. The models are selling like hot cakes because of their high picture quality, eco friendly technology, amazing designing and ease of operation.

Top models to consider: Panasonic VIERA TC-L50E60 HDTV and Panasonic VIERA Full HD TC-55WT60

Onida: Last but not the least, on our list of super seven brands that can be considered while buying Smart TV is Onida. The Live Genius Smart TVs from the house of Onida have been designed to sync perfectly with all the Smart Apps that are used by the viewers. All the models offer an amazing entertainment experience by offering a user-friendly interface.

Top models to consider: Onida Live Genius- LEO50FAIN and  Onida Live Genius- LEO32HAIN