Super Seven Places To Visit During Dussehra

Dussehra is basically one of the most popular festivals and is celebrated throughout India with great enthusiasm. After observing fast for nine consecutive days, Dussehra is celebrated to honour the Lord Rama’s victory over the Ravana’s evil. The day is also considered as a symbol of Goddess Durga’s victory over the demon Mahishasura. So, basically the day marks the triumph of good over the bad.

The festivities usually start with the beginning of Navratras and end with the final celebration on the tenth day that is ‘Dussehra’. People belonging to the different region, celebrate this festival in a different manner. So here we plan to bring forward the name of seven best places that you can visit to experience the grandeur of festivities in a never before style.

Bhrigu Lake

  1. Kolkata: It will be a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to experience a unique style of celebrations if you can plan a trip to Kolkata during Navratras or Dussehra. Durga Puja is one such festival that transforms the entire place with frantic round the clock festivities. Throughout the city, you will see magnificent lighting, minarets, mammoth pandals, crowded streets and much more.
  2. Ahmedabad: If you want to experience the religious fervor and revelry, then there is no better place than Ahmedabad, Gujarat during the time of Navratri. People all over the city immerse in complete devotion and enthusiastically enjoy and participate in the night dance festival called ‘Rasa-Garbas’, which goes on for nine nights.
  3. Katra: It is a city near Jammu and the place is popularly known as the ‘Navratra Capital of India’. One can see devotees pouring in from all over the world to be a part of Navratra celebrations.
  4. Mysore: The ten-day festival is celebrated in the most royal and striking style in the city of Mysore. On the day of Dussehra, which is also known as ‘Vijayadashami’, a very grand procession of 2.5 miles is held by the devotees of Maa Chamundeshwari. The procession starts from the Mysore Palace Grounds. Plan a trip to Mysore to be a part of this grand celebration.
  5. Ram Nagar: Ram Nagar is a small town which is situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from the well-known city of Varanasi. The Ramleela that is conducted here is absolutely amazing and one of its own kind. The entire Ramleela is featured over a time period of 31 days and in a multi-staged theater. The Sadhus that recite the shlokas during this performance are referred to as ‘Ramayanis’. ‘Ram Nagar Ramleela’ is quite famous and attracts a large number of tourists every year.
  6. Kota: The grand Dussehra Mela held at Kota cannot be missed. This Mela is held for three long days and can be seen brimming with all sorts of tourists. The overcrowded place adds to the festivities. The effigies of the clan of Ravana are placed in the Mela and these effigies are burnt on the last day with great pomp and show. The Mela is popular for joy rides, Rajasthani handicrafts as well as for the wide variety of food stalls.
  7. Kullu: Kullu valley lies in the state of Himachal Pradesh and Dusshera is celebrated with great grandeur at the Dhalpur Maidan for seven long days. A great influx of tourists is seen during this time period. Even the weather remains extremely pleasant during October in Kullu.