Super Seven Secrets about Haranath

Haranath was born on 2 September 1936, Raparthi, in East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh.  He did his schooling in Madras till pre degree. He did his graduation in B.A from Kakinada P.R College. During his school life, he was very fond of, and actively participated in various cultural activities. He also took part in dramas and has won numerous competitions. It was a luck that led him to the film industry, when he was waiting at vanimahal bus stop – Madras, when he was noticed by Mukkmamala Krishna Murthy, who was a popular actor, director and producer. He chose Haranath, as hero in the film, “Rishyasringa”.


He secondly acted in the film Maa Inti Mahalakshmi, which was his first film that was released. He played the lead role in many classic films like Amarasillipi jakkana (1964), Letha Manasulu (1966) Chitti Chellulu etc, in which Haranath was casted as a hero. He has also played lead roles in epic movies. He took up the role of Lord Krishna in the film Bhishma in 1962, and as Sri Rama in Sri Rama Katha in 1969.

Haranath and Jamuna Juluri, were the most popular pair in the 1960s. The film “Naagu”, in 1984 was the movie that he last appeared on the big screen. Here are some lesser known facts about the superstar:

  • During the period 1960s, Haranath was considered as the best and outstanding hero after NTR and ANR.
  • After his graduation, his ambition in life was to be a pilot.
  • He was regarded as the “Romantic Icon” of the period.
  • The film “Maa Inti Devatha”, was produced by Haranath in the 1981.
  • His son Srinivas Buddharaju is a film producer in the tollywood film industry.
  • He passed away on 1 November 1989, at the age of just 53.
  • During his career as an actor, he played lead roles in 117 Telugu films, 12 Tamil Films, 1 Hindi and 1 in Kannada.

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