Super Seven Secrets Of Adivi Sesh

Adivi Sesh is one of the most prominent actors of Tollywood. He was born on December 17, 1985 and has been a hard core movie lover since the days of his childhood. He always had a keen interest in Indian as well as International motion pictures. Even his family had great inclination towards Tollywood films, thus offering him an appropriate environment to cultivate his acting abilities. He also went to USA in order to pursue different sorts of acting and creativity courses.

Secrets Of Adivi Sesh

People could not ignore the irresistible charm of Adivi Sesh when he took a plunge into Telugu film industry in 2010 with his debut movie “Karma”. Since then there has been no looking back. He was seen in lead roles in a variety of super hit movies such as “Ladies and Gentlemen”, “Kshanam”, “Balupu” and “Panjaa”. He was also seen in a cameo role in the famous movie “Bahubali”.

Here we present a few lesser known facts about Advi Sesh: 

  • Adivi Sesh’s was actor as well as director of Telugu movie ‘Karma’ and for this movie awarded with ‘International Figure Rediff’.
  • He suggested finalizing Anushya Bharadwaj for “Kshanam”. He saw her anchoring during one of the reality shows conducted by her.
  • His Tollywood movie “Kshanam” had an exceptionally rich looking appearance but in reality the film was produced in a limited budget of mere Rs1.10 Cr.
  • He dreams to produce the ‘Mahabharata epic’ and role he has always dreamt of playing is the character of ‘Karna’.
  • He was taken aback with the business done by his movie “Kshanam”. He never expected the movie to turn out so well.
  • He has recently signed for Abhishek Pictures to work in two motion pictures.
  • He can be seen on Twitter, often indulging in political discussions.

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