The Crux Of Life

People usually approach healing coaches like me, to deal with their psychological problems. However, as a life coach, I know that we cannot fully resolve our “problems”, we can only outgrow them – after learning from them.

Healing happens when we forgive, embrace and weep over our so-called imperfections and neuroses – without hating those parts of us.

Polarity/ Duality is a necessary aspect of every self-regulating system – whether it is our body, our psyche, or our world. Both – the dark and the light – have their unique place in the larger scheme of things.

The Crux Of Life

Understanding this humbles and grounds us.

Conflicts and tensions are necessary for our growth. They take us to our depths. Without them, we continue to prance around in our superficial ways.

Denying our shadow and our unacceptable self allows us to ‘look’ good but not necessarily ‘be’ good.

Our shadow self is not our evil self, it is simply our neglected, rejected, denied and abandoned self. It needs to be acknowledged, accepted and integrated in our wholeness. Only then can compassion be born.

The steps to maturity are necessarily immature. The idea is to learn from each misstep – and move on.

And that’s the crux of life.

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