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The Essence of Doing

To me ‘industry’ and ‘business’ are beautiful words. One speaks about being industrious and the other about being busy. Both enhance our masculine essence – that of doing. ( Masculine is about power/ freedom/ light/ positive.)

Here, I wish to make it clear that humans don’t have to make any efforts to ‘BE’. ‘Being’ comes naturally to human beings. It is our ‘home’ state. (Being is feminine. It is about surrender/ receiving/ darkness/ negative.) It is the ‘doing’ which takes effort. The doing takes us upstream. The doing makes us climb the mountain. The doing makes us fly. And the doing is always rooted in the being.

The Essence of Doing

By maligning the ‘doing’ and the ‘industry’ and the ‘business’, we only harm ourselves. We stop short of achieving our full potential.

The potential is an aspect of our ‘being’; but achieving it, expressing it, living it is a part of our ‘doing’. BOTH go hand in hand. It is not this or that. It is this AND that.

However, worshiping the ‘doing’ without acknowledging/ respecting/ celebrating the ‘being’, keeps us in imbalance. And every imbalance makes us corrupt/ immoral/ unethical/ adharmic. It is not the fault of any particular industry/ business. It is a human malaise.

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