The Gratitude Attitude

Each one of us is privileged to receive countless tangible and intangible gifts from people/ places/ universe. Many a times, we cannot reciprocate these gifts.

Today, I intend to reflect upon those from whom I have received but cannot directly repay. And how do I pay those gifts forward?

I have received a great deal from my parents – Besides their love, support, and blessings, I have also received the qualities of courage, truthfulness, honesty, integrity, clarity, frugality, generosity, simplicity, forthrightness, contentment, sharp intellect, practical wisdom, perseverance, self-responsibility, self-sufficiency and self-respect. I pay these gifts forward to not only my sons but also whoever comes in contact with me.

The Gratitude Attitude

I have received a great deal of wisdom and clarity from many books that I have read, workshops that I have attended, and people that I have met – both online and in person. I pay it forward through my writings, through my spoken words, and through my professional work.

Who are the people whom you cannot repay directly? How would you like to pay it forward?