The Kitchen has been The Centre of Homes

More and more, I wonder how The Kitchen has been The Centre of homes from times immemorial – in every culture across the world. ‘Home and Hearth’ have been the most commonly used twin words for ages.

However, in the modern world we don’t really make this connection anymore.

Now, the home and especially the hearth have become just a place where every chore can be outsourced to some cheap labour, while we, the highly educated ones, go out and do some very important work of ‘making a living’. Some call it, ‘making a difference to the world’.

Kitchen has been The Centre of Homes

Ah! What misplaced notion! When our own world lies in shambles, we want to save The World.

In my reckoning, this change came about when the industrialized world set their eyes upon one half of the population (cheap labour) sitting pretty at home. If they had to bring this ‘pretty’ force out of their homes, they had to malign the homes, and what better way to do so than by demeaning it. “There is no meaning in working for your own home”, became the buzzword, and we bought it.

Now, home – which ought to be at the very centre of our existence – lies abandoned and neglected. Everyone wants to go/fly out of the home asap. It seems like a prison – and everyone as the jailor.

I have often said that my primary job is that of a homemaker; but today I understand that it is the primary job of everyone – in both the genders.

We are all homemakers first and then, anything else. Home is the center of our existence, and everything else that we do is only to keep a well-functioning happy home. Why have we got it all wrong? Why do we put the cart before the horse? What’s the matter with us? When will The Home regain its lost glory?

The day it does, peace will descend on this earth – one home at a time.

Is there peace in your home? If not, why not? What are you doing about it? And if you won’t, who will? Who are you waiting for?

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