The Law of Resonance

In 2012, we were told that the world, as we know it, will end. Karmic cycles will come to an end, and The Law of Resonance (Like attracts Like) will become the predominant Universal Law.

I resonated with all this intellectually. That was also the time when the Law of Attraction made a loud entry and it all made sense to a Homeopath like me, who was working with the principle of ‘Like cures Like’.

The Law of Resonance

in 2016, I look at all the above with new eyes. Yes, my world, as I knew it, has ended. Yes, the Karmic cycles have come to an end – but this has also meant drifting apart from the Karmic partners (as the karma is over, there is no glue to hold us together). And yes, the Law of Resonance is working full time.

This Law helps me teach ‘Energy Management‘ (My energy is my sole responsibility. Higher the energy, more the abundance of all kinds) and it brings all that I have ever desired in an effortless manner into my space.

Life has surely become saral and sahaj…….(simple and easy-flowing). And I know, saral hai, sahaj hai, toh sahi hai.

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